[Blog#3] Website Design

Since the internet become the fastest and most important marketing channel, the design of a website become significant factor to success. It is not only the layout of a website but also the attractiveness and convenience. Thus, website analysis become really important tools to study consumer’s activities and effectiveness of a website.

During the class last Wednesday, we were discussed what we can do to find out the information we need. For example, we can collect the information about the numbers of consumers order the flying ticket after they view the schedule. From this data, we can study if the schedule is well design or not. More over, we can study consumer’s decision of purchasing by collecting information when consumer view the promotion pages. From that, website analysis can show that how many percentages of consumer are actually purchase the on sale ticket. Company can make the operation decision after they view this information.

Internal website search. Here is another way to study the website. The clips from this resource shows the way to have search engine in a website. Search engine is really useful tools for bigger size website. If the company has more information within the website, the search engine will not only let consumer search what they are looking for easier but also collect the most searched information. For example, the company is selling clothing. When more people are searching certain type of clothing, then company can increase the number of choices in certain area.

Another important factor we need to pay attention to is external analysis. In other words, the we can study consumer’s demographic profile from collecting consumer’s IP address. Also, when a company have some advertising on other website, the website analysis can shows that how many consumer connect to this website by clicking the ad. By studying that information, we can see the effectiveness of the ad. In this link, we can see how the ad increases and see the importance of online ad. 30% Increase in Online Advertising in 2008. On the same method, we can also track the return consumers as well.

Finally,  Analysing economic data and seasonality… is a very good example that how we can study the analysis. From the graph, we can see the information changes as time goes. The purchases has change in certain time frame. Also, the grater part of consumer are locate at certain area. All these information are really useful to company’s future business decision.


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